I’m a professional astrologer who has been in practice for decades. I’m interested in things like meditation,  magic, shamanism, the arts in general and the exploration of extraordinary states of human consciousness. My certifications include credentials from both the Indian Council of Astrological Sciences and the American Federation of Astrologers. Ciro Discepolo has granted me a detached branch of the School of Active Astrology in Chicago, USA.

Chakrapani Ullal, a teacher and friend, once told me “the ancient sages gave us astrology to compensate for humanity’s lack of divine vision in this dark age.” In agreement with this line of thinking, most of my practice focuses on preventative and remedial methods. It’s one thing to be able to predict a problem and another to resolve it – or avoid it all together. Unfortunately, may people don’t consult on a timely basis, and have to try fixing something that’s already broken, but Astrology has solutions for that kind of trouble as well – so enjoy the articles and links, and utilize my services; find out what astrology can do for you.

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