Active Astrology

I’ve been granted a “Detached Section” of the school of Active Astrology, a system of astrology that has proven very effective for my clients, family and friends. Founded by the famous Ciro Discepolo of Naples, Italy, Active Astrology is an interactive and results-oriented way of working with the stars for your own benefit.

Traditionally, methods such as magical talismans, special prayers and mantras were used to try and ease the pressure of predicted or existing astrological difficulties. These activities form a system of Astrological Magic which is alien to the sensibilities of modern humanity, and therefore, their effectiveness is distorted by unconscious or cultural bias. The average person would find it difficult to locate an honest practitioner of the skills necessary to work with this art, and even if they did, it might require one to completely revamp their beliefs and values – an almost impossible task.

Active Astrology is not about believing in magic, it’s a way to do what is sometimes called magic. It works for both practitioners of the astrological craft and for “civilians”, or everyday people. It involves taking practical actions that “ground out” the potential of the ever-changing planetary configurations. In most cultures, people are taught to accept the way things are, and to build their futures on the way things were. That attitude is based on resisting change, and change is the only real constant in the universe.

Active Astrology provides us with simple and mostly enjoyable ways to do the work of shaping our own destinies. The concept is profound in its implications. It also has the added value of not requiring specific religious beliefs, or cultural conversion. It only requires your willingness to give yourself a chance to understand what’s in your self-interest and act on it, so you can have an ongoing and pleasing experience based on your personal astrological chart.

Ciro Discepolo
Ciro Discepolo, godfather of Active Astrology

With Active Astrology, you learn how to use your Natal Chart, its derived charts, and Exorcism of the Symbol to promote your best interests and minimize misfortune. This is not a mystical system of self-awareness, it is experiential method of astrology, validated by statistical evidence and painstaking research. It is the child of traditions that originate in ancient times, and the mother of what could be the astrology of the future.

Active Astrology can show you how to handle the sails of your ship of life. Each of the major facets of this astrological technique has their own page here, so you can check them out and learn more about what this fascinating  aspect of the craft can do for you. In the near future, you’ll find articles and other features that explain the history and development of Active Astrology as it is today, so you can join all of us who are practicing this art on our quest to find the best day, month or year ever.

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