The Aimed Lunar Return

Lunar Return Sample
This is an excellent return for a Libra Rising client who is remodeling their kitchen

Lunar Returns are powerful and useful charts. They are cast for the moment that the Moon returns to the place it held in the Zodiac at birth. The use of Aimed Lunar Returns is an excellent way to bring out the best in a favorable Solar Return, or for timing the events described by the Solar Return.

Because no one can change the zodiacal configurations of the planets, it’s often impossible to create a perfect Aimed Solar Return, so we often have to settle for one featuring only moderately favorable planetary positions. But one that’s only “OK” is preferable to one that is unfortunate. Aimed Lunar Returns can, in a case like this, act as a “booster shot” that increases the astrological health of the month it is in force, as long as the Solar Return in force has not violated any of the cardinal rules.

Aimed Lunar Returns can also be used for specific purposes, such as improving relationships or financial matters, or improving studies, communication, trade or commerce. Although the best Lunar Return cannot override the power of an unfavorable Solar Return, a Lunar Return can be used to manifest the promises of a favorable Solar Return. Lunar Returns act like the hand tools of the sculptor as opposed to the explosives and machines of the quarry. As an example, someone with a good Venus in a generally favorable Solar Return who is looking for a new romance might Target a Lunar Return for a Venus/Jupiter combination that falls in the chart’s 5th house of pleasures and enjoyment without worrying about Mars, Saturn, Neptune, the Ascendant, etc. spoiling the fun.

If you have an excellent or even a moderately good Solar Return running, taking a Targeted Lunar Return journey or two can be a perfect way of manifesting the results you’d like to have. They also provide a good method of “customizing” periods within the Solar Return year in order to give yourself the edge as far as achieving specific goals are concerned.

Aimed Lunar Return can be a profoundly simple way to use the rhythms of space and time to your advantage.