The Aimed Solar Return

The Aimed Solar Return is the main tool of Active Astrology. Its effectiveness is statistically bulletproof. Enjoying a “Targeted” birthday is one of the greatest gifts that one can give themselves, or anyone about whom they care.

A difficult Solar Return for a person with Scorpio Rising
A difficult Solar Return for a person with Scorpio Rising

Originally, the Zodiac was called the 12 Planetary Houses. Today, we call the Houses 12 divisions of the sky calculated for the time and place of a specific event. As an example, a chart of an astrological event, such as the New Moon, will show the planets as being in certain houses because of the signs of the Zodiac they occupy. The same event, moved to a different location, will show the planets as being in different houses.

The Solar Return is a horoscope created for the moment the Sun returns to the same position in the Zodiac that it held at birth. It provides an overview of the year to come, and describes the fortunes and misfortunes experienced between one birthday to the next.

It was discovered long ago that a Solar Return cast for the place where one is located, rather than the place where one is born, could give very accurate predictions for the year. This useful bit of knowledge seemed inconsequential to the astrologers who built elaborate predictive modalities based on the birthplace alone (which worked very well for their time and place in history.)

But in their day, travel was difficult if not impossible, and the religious authorities (in Europe anyway) all but criminalized anything other than sanctioned prayer when someone needed to solve a problem.

A Good Solar Return
The same Solar Return improved by changing its location

Today, it is fairly easy for anyone with modest means to travel, and our methods of measuring time and space have become incredibly accurate. This makes the process of creating an Aimed Solar Return quite simple; we can “Aim” the Solar Return for a place where potentially difficult planetary problems are  diminished, and where the benefits of an altered relationship to the planets can be enjoyed throughout the year.

Once your Aimed Solar Return is cast, all you have to do is to make sure that you’re at the target location at the correct time. If you do, you will have avoided any number of possible misfortunes, and you just might have given yourself the best year ever.

Not every Solar Return is perfect; we can change the houses, but we can’t change the positions of the planets in the Zodiac. Compromises must often be made. It’s better to move Mars away from a place where it can cause trouble than to put Venus in a place where it might benefit you, because Venus’ protective power will then be used up helping you with problems, rather than delivering benefits.

Active Astrology is a simple approach to solving astrological problems. Through the Aimed Solar Return, we can change our relationship to the active planetary positions, and avoid the “whatever” experience of letting them act randomly. We give the planets, according to their natures, something to do. This way we gain the upper hand by channeling and directing these archetypal forces into activities that support our best interests as we understand them. By doing this at the points where our personal lives and the cosmic patterns coincide in a significant way, we can catch the celestial waves and make them our own.