Please note that at the current time I am engaged in very time-intensive projects, which means that there is a waiting list for full readings. If you only need a location for your next Aimed Solar Return, or have a question answered or a system to reveal good timing for your plans, feel free to contact me. My level of availability may change soon.

As professional astrologer, It’s my duty to present to you the art of astrology as a system of great antiquity and profound philosophy that can help you improve every aspect of your life and your circumstances.

Making good choices during stressful times is hard, and sometimes impossible. We are often taught to ignore useful information that can help us turn the tide of events, but astrology can reveal ideas, plans and other factors that may be hidden to you, can help you build the future you want, rather than one you grudgingly accept.

Astrology is a vast subject that has roots in antiquity, but it is suitable to the everyday needs of modern human beings. Being a recognized professional in both eastern and western methods, I provide services that were once hidden from the eyes of everyone but the rich and powerful.

There is little doubt that real astrology can help you become a happier and more fulfilled person. I’m not going to waste your time with trying to help you feel good – I will, instead, teach you how to surf the waves of time and synchronicity, and become more successful at whatever you do.

So please read some of the pages and learn about what I do. Make use of the contact form; I will respond to you as quickly as possible so we can set up a session that suits your needs and exceeds your expectations.