Astral Divination

Astral Divination, or Horary Astrology is a branch of the craft that answers specific questions. These charts deliver what you need to know without requiring your birth data. I’ve used Horary by Lilythis method to successfully help people find lost items, do financial trading, answer love-life questions, aid police investigations, determine the gravity (or duration) of wellness issues, make sports predictions, and for many other purposes.

Many times people call for a reading of the birth chart when, in all honesty, it’s a Horary session that would benefit them the most. How many times have you sat through “readings” that gave you everything but a straight answer to your real question?

I’m committed to helping you avoid wasting your time on “horoscope” columns and apps. You can make inquiries about this service via the contact page, and if you put “Horary” in the subject, I will respond to you as fast as I possibly can.