AstroLocality and Astral Maps

One of the most common questions I am asked is “would I be more successful and happy if I moved to a more compatible location?” The answer is yes, and Astrology can help you find it. True relocation readings require many different charts and considerable study, and for more than one person, as in a family or company, this difficult process has to be done for everyone involved.

The most popular method of reading one’s relationship to place is known as Astro*Carto*Graphy, which is trademarked and limited to those who take a specific exam designed by the founder of the system, the late Jim Lewis. I call them Astral Maps. Many people really enjoy them but have little knowledge of how they were designed and how they work.

In ancient times, astrologers divided the known world into zones according to the zodiac signs and erected temples and monuments according to the local view of the heavens. In the modern era, Mary Austin, S.K. Kelkar and Donald Bradley began hand drawing “planetary lines”, transposing the most expressive positions of the planets onto all possible positions on the earth.

Bradley and his team were limited to logarithms, French curves and slide rules, but the advent of modern computers and the work of his student, Jim Lewis, enabled astrologers to obtain and experiment with these new Astral Maps. Since the 1980’s, many exciting studies, techniques and methods have been discovered that have made them extremely useful – in fact, they are among the best techniques of modern astrology.

The Astral Map shows the places on earth where the planets of your personal chart rise over the eastern horizon, culminate (reach their highest point in the sky) set in the west or reach the lower heaven. These four places are “power zones” through which the planets can express themselves more fully. They also display the latitudes at which two or more planets are simultaneously active at one of these “power points.”

So what does this mean for you? If you’re a traveler, you know how some places “feel different” from others. Many people are moved by circumstances to a place where they become successful, their health improves, or they meet the love of their life. Some of us are inexplicably attracted to a certain place on earth, collect things from there, or study the language or culture of that place. These Astral Maps can explain why.

You can find places through which where building alliances or rising in your career are easier, but there are also places where accidents or misfortunes are more likely to occur. According to some modern theorists, these zones can be “remotely activated” by people or things from these zones.

If a desire to relocate is grabbing your attention, this may not be the best tool for you to consult because of the wide range of the planetary zone, but in this day of modern telecommunications and ease of travel, Astral Maps can give you some idea of your relationship with the earth.

The Bradley-Lewis system isn’t the only form of Astral Map – there are also Local Space Maps, which are built on a different concept. They plot the planets along the local horizon, measuring them in Azimuth, or compass directions, and altitude. These lines travel around the world, passing through places that correspond to the planets’ meanings in your birth chart. I have known many people who either met their partner on a Venus directional line, or are in a long-term relationship with someone who was born along that line. Business success is often had at some point along a healthy Jupiter line, and athletes have tremendous success when they face competitors on a place along the line of Mars, or face defeat along lines where Mars is challenged. These maps, when rendered into an Astral Compass, can be printed as a transparency and laid over the floorplan of a home or a map of your local area to determine the best directions to place special objects or to pursue certain interests.

The most important thing about Astral Maps is how much fun you can have by learning about your local and global planetary power zones. They are both enjoyable and profound, and have great value when making long-term plans. Their applications to business and financial astrology provide a truly exciting method for strategic research, and great strides have been made in using them for political or weather forecasting. The Geodetic Map of the earth, which is a very different method, has long been used to observe political and financial situations, as well as natural disasters that could upset one’s plans.

Astral Maps are used differently from the Aimed Solar Returns of Active Astrology. Just because you live in a place that looks favorable according to your map, it does not help you avoid the difficult circumstances or enjoy the particular benefits defined by a Solar Return. While Aimed Returns provide easy, short term strategies for success, Astral Maps explain other things about your place on earth. To learn more about Active Astrology, please jump to the Active Astrology section of this site and begin learning more about using place to shape your destiny.

Locational Astrology employs the entire chart at the possible new location, and moves all the houses to conform with the local Meridian and Horizon. As an example, the Astral Map can tell you about a planet on the Midheaven, but it won’t tell you about the new 11th house, the condition of the Midheaven’s ruler, and other factors that may form the groundwork of a happy life.

In interpreting a relocated chart, we need to find out the conditions concerning the 2nd and 8th houses, which will have to do with your financial situation, your 4th house, the 5th and 11th houses – in fact, all of them. You might like the relocated environment, but you may find it hard to make friends. Achieving your goals requires more that just effort; you’ll need the support of the environment and the surrounding community even if you’re just living in an apartment.

Basically, true Locational Astrology requires a complete study to be made of the relationship between your Natal chart’s components and the new chart of the location. Transits and other techniques, including the local meridian, the Geodetic wheel and other factors must be examined to insure long-term compatibility. Needless to say, Locational Astrology is far more precise than the Astral Maps alone for this type of work, and this is work where precision is necessary.

Sadly, it’s possible that a relocation may not work. I will not move you to a location that could pose any problems; if such a thing is unavoidable because of extenuating circumstances, your case may be refused or refunded if paid in advance. These studies are also on a sliding scale, depending on the circumstances. Being moved to a different location because of work takes only a short time to detail out, while choosing a place where you will be happy is another. A good deal of interaction between us needs to take place, because the idea of a computerized relocation method that works for you is completely absurd.  Once the new location is analyzed, you can then look at the Astral Compass or look at your Progressed Astral Map and take advantage of it, but don’t use them or Astral Maps on their own for anything but entertainment purposes.

For work with relocation where a number of individuals is involved, there will be discounts applied. Each person’s chart is studied separately, and compared one to another. For moving a business, or making other changes in your business life, this type of reading can also be useful. Use the Contact page so that we can discuss your needs and determine how to deploy this technology to support your best interests.