Elections – choosing the right time with astrology

Electional Astrology is one of the most useful branches of the craft. It’s the art of choosing the “astrally correct” time for the beginning of an activity or venture. Elections were popular among kings and nobles, who used it to determine the best time to initiate military campaigns, host important political weddings, or to appoint titles to their favored noblemen or merchants.

Electional Astrology has lost a good deal of it’s currency in the west, due to the modern focus on personality analysis and self interest. In India, however, it’s a mainstay of astrological practice. They call it Muhurta, and use it for both business and personal concerns.

grand openingToday, those of us who practice classical and traditional astrology use Elections to find the best dates for business launches, wedding dates, elective surgeries and all sorts of other activities. Both the western system of Elections and the Muhurta method of the Indian subcontinent have the same goal – to find a time during which an astrological chart will express the success of a given venture. When something big is in the works, why not choose a time to act when the heavens “have your back”?

Electional Charts are also the heart of astrological magic. Entire sections of famous ancient tomes, such as “The Picatrix”, “Kalaprakashika” and Agrippa’s “Occult Philosophy” explain the use of Elections to gain success at everything from cutting hair to travel; from feeding a child solid food for the first time, to besieging castles, building homes, gaining favors from rulers, implementing successful business methods, finding treasure and the creation of magical talismans for all sorts of purposes. My feeling is that the purported success of most astrological magic is due to the art of Elections practiced properly.

Although the rules of Elections and Muhurta can be quite complex, astrologers from Al-Biruni, Bonatti, Varaha Mihira, L. Edward Johndro, Ciro Discepolo and countless others have steadily improved the system over time. Modern computers and statistical methods have helped our understanding of the method, rather than debunking it (as some would have you believe). Almost anyone can capitalize on this fascinating and useful aspect of astrology.

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