Omens of June Part 1 – the Supermoon Eclipse

World Astral Map for the Supermoon Eclipse – click for a larger image

As you can see from the image above, there is a lot of activity in the populated areas of the world during this eclipse, much like the last one. It’s important to remember, however, that this one is also a Supermoon. Supermoon events have a strong record of producing powerful seismic effects within a week or so on either side of their occurrence; on the 4th, the day of the Supermoon-eclipse, there were two earthquakes above magnitude 6 in Panama, a 6.0 in Bolivia, and two just below 6 in Indonesia. An astute user of Astral Mapping techniques may note that the Paran Lines (latitudes at which planets rise/set/culminate/anti-culminate together – marked as yellow horizontal lines on the map above) of Uranus and Pluto surround Indonesia and Bolivia – these lines are circles of terrestrial latitude generated from the actual crossing points in far northern Brazil and the Indonesian Archipelago. Panama is just north of the Northern line, and right under the Eclipse and Venus ACG lines.

Europe’s Supermoon – click for a larger image

The Mars lines on the map are crossing the Supermoon lines in South America and Southeast Asia as well, and this could be adding a little more pressure; it’s very interesting to note that where Mars crosses the Venus ACG line in Peru, there is the possibility that an oil pipeline through a very biodiverse area with possibly “un-contacted” indigenous people has been forestalled, at least for the next 3 years.

If we look for the lines of the Uranus-Pluto square, we find them crossing in Syria, which is all over the news these days. Maybe the Russians, who have been the last holdout in supporting the Syrian president, will finally broker some kind of peace in the area by peacefully removing the president from power – something that has been in the works, and done before. I believe we’ll be hearing news about this soon because of the Pluto IC line passing so close to Moscow.

East Asia’s Supermoon – Click for a larger image

The Mars ASC line is passing through central Europe, as does the Supermoon line – this does not bode well for the European financial crisis. Maybe the British Isles will escape, thanks to Jupiter. But maybe the Jupiter line is being “used up” by the “diamond jubilee” of the Queen of England, which is being celebrated as something of a holiday by her subjects.

It should also be mentioned that Mercury is “Out of Bounds” during this eclipse, giving a rather independent quality to its usual indications. Seeing the Mercury MC line so close to Athens points to the possibility of Greece acting outside of the current  E.U. economic policy. It’s Ascendant line in the US passes through Florida, where the governor is pushing voting reform policies that could skew elections in favor of his political party, which  may be legal, but certainly is an obvious flaunt of federal policies. This “independent” Mercury is also very close to the Descendant in Jakarta, where it falls into a Paran-Square with Mars – between that and the Parans of Uranus and Pluto at that latitude, this could be a dangerous omen in almost all ways; political, seismic, social, atmospheric and other currents are likely to take an unexpected turn.

Jakarta’s Supermoon Chart

The Mars MC line passes through eastern central China, and just east of Japan, there is another Uranus/Pluto Paran line that is being crossed by Saturn.  With the Pluto ASC and Saturn MC lines just to the southeast, it would be a good idea to watch for notable seismic activity there – especially considering the ongoing nuclear threat at Sendai. Although this eclipse does not appear to be as dangerous regarding nature doing serious damage to the already compromised reactors, there are factors not easily seen on the surface that have been covered in the posts discussing the May eclipse, and its relationship to this and previous eclipses. For one thing, this Lunar Eclipse links to the previous Solar Eclipse through the square to Mars, and both this eclipse and the last have dangerous connections to eastern Asia in general, and Japan in particular.

US Supermoon – Click for a larger image

In the US, a good deal of eastern New York, and therefore much of the northeast is under the Mars IC line – this could be a sign of unseasonable weather conditions. After all, this is a Full Moon, which is usually a good marker for atmospheric and tidal phenomena. Mars’ exact square to Venus could cause an increase in humidity, and its contra-parallel to Saturn could be a sign of storms during this fortnight.

The Neptune MC line runs through the westernmost position of the eastern states, and crosses the Mercury ASC line in Alabama – it’s possible that news of fraud, such as college cheating or voting issues (as described above) may come from the southeast under this influence. It would be fortunate if the Venus ASC line, which runs very close to the Sun-Moon line brings some moisture to the eastern plains and midwest states.

New York’s Supermoon Chart

It doesn’t look like the Atlantic Hurricane season will  begin early this year, but this might be a subject worth visiting before the next New Moon. The Atlantic Basin weather may be disorganized during this fortnight, but the New Moon chart looks pretty severe in this regard, featuring a Mercury/Saturn crossing on the African side, and the Pluto/Uranus and Sun/Moon lines in the middle, with Jupiter and Neptune crossing north of Cuba and the Caribbean.

The visionary and psychic (psychological) aspects of the spring eclipse season will persist for a while because of the Venus factor. A Venus Transit is rare enough; one following on the heels of a powerful eclipse makes it even rarer. But please note that the Mars square Venus on this eclipse day is an omen of action and increased passions in whatever you do. This eclipse will be rather favorable for those involved in creative or sentimental projects and activities. Note that new information or resources could arrive that will be a sign that you are headed in the right direction with such projects. Remember, however, that starting new projects or relationships within the week after the eclipse is not a good idea, and that this is the dark fortnight (waning Moon) as well. It’s a great time to get things off the back burner, though, even if only to figure out how to best implement them after the New Moon.