Omens of June Part 2 – The Venus Transit

Mars and Venus by Botticelli

A lot is being made of the Venus Transit of the Sun, mostly by attention seeking astronomers, and New-Age Positivist astrologers, for whom everything is a great opportunity for happiness, love and spiritual growth. I don’t belong to either camp. An astrological event like this always has an upside and a downside, and despite its rarity, there is really no precedent for the hype as seen on the internet today.

Vul-cain has forged arms for Aeneas – he’s presenting them to Venus: click for a larger image

If we look at traditional astrology, no distinction is made between any other Sun-Venus conjunction and this one. Declination (the distance north or south of the celestial equator) was studied in older forms of astrology, in which case this would qualify as a conjunction and a parallel, which would have a special meaning according to the individual chart being studied. Latitude (the distance north or south of the Ecliptic, or the apparent path of the Sun) was treated in much the same way.

According to modern astrologers of the more scientific bent, this combination could be very important to some, because it is an alignment, in the same sense as a total eclipse is an alignment. It could be an especially powerful event in a Solar or Lunar Return chart occurring at the time of the alignment, but it’s meaning would be specific to the individual or event under examination. It’s likely that many will attribute events to the Venus transit that are actually due to Mercury being out-of-bounds, or the Uranus-Pluto square, the Moon-Pluto square or some other less “sexy” astrological condition.

In Horary astrology (astral divination) Venus is Cazimi during this event, being 17 minutes of arc or less from the Sun’s center. This is considered a very powerful dignity by some, and a relatively important accidental dignity by others. Again, this is the art of answering questions using astrology as the tool of divination, and the value of the Venus Transit depends solely on whether or not the question or the querent is signified by Venus. It’s also important to remember that Venus is retrograde, and except for the short time while it is Cazimi, it is Combust, both of which are considered major afflictions.

Astral Map of the Venus Transit – click for a larger image

If we take a look at the astral map above, we can see the places on earth where the Venus-Sun conjunction is on the Midheaven, Ascendant, Descendant or Lower Heaven. Other than the crossing of the Descendant line with the Uranus IC line in central Michigan (this may have to do with the recall vote against the anti-labor, reactionary governor of Wisconsin, which is well within range), it doesn’t really exemplify a lot as far as populated areas and planetary combinations are concerned. Other lines in the map for the moment of the event are prominent; for instance, there is a Mars-Mercury crossing in the British Isles and a Moon-Pluto conjunction line through central Europe. I suspect the biggest news will be coming from those areas, as well as the places where Pluto and Uranus cross on this day, and in the future, as the Moon makes its regular connections with Uranus and Pluto.

A modern sculpture of Venus

The psychic (psychological) advice given on the basis of this transit is really the kind of advice that should be given no matter what is happening astrologically. Think about it – align your thoughts with your intentions and eliminate self-sabotage; act in your own self interest, uproot ethical conflicts and know them for what they are, etc.  Nevertheless, those who have been actively involved in purification or detoxification processes may get some of the rewards they have been looking for. This transit is also likely to favor some who have undertaken elective surgeries or other radical cosmetic procedures. It may also be beneficial for re-evaluating investments or portfolios, designing new budgets, and acquiring sponsorship, grants or scholarships, if the rest of the chart agrees.

The Venus transit may, for some, act as an omen of good results coming from undertakings begun at an earlier time. Astrology is not about getting something for nothing. New-age mystics are making any number of rosy predictions and pronouncements but, let’s face facts. For every person who wins at lottery games, thousands break their legs, are in accidents or fights, suffer broken relationships and health issues. Don’t expect this, or any other transit to fix anything – the planets are always there, and we can benefit from them if we use them. A hammer does not frame a house on its own – we need to take action to make things happen.