The Omens of May Part 3 – The Station of Venus

Here’s the Astral Map for the station of Venus –

I thought it might be fun to take a look at the Station of Venus by way of the modern technique of Astro-Cartography, in order to see what it might portend for the earth in its entirety. First, however, let’s mention a little about what the station of Venus is.

VenusVenus is between the Sun and the Earth, so in it’s orbit around the Sun, Venus appears to stand still and begin to move in the reverse direction. This is called its retrograde cycle. It’s easy to imagine how this happens – imagine you have a ping-pong ball in orbit around a basketball, several years away from you. Imagine that the basketball was bright, so that you could not see the ping-pong ball when it is close – it would look to you, when at it’s maximum elongation, as if it were slowing down and reversing direction, if you were looking at it’s orbital plane. If you were looking from above, it would appear to be circling around the basketball. This is why and how we see the retrogrades of Mercury and Venus.

All solar-system objects other than the Sun and Moon have this visible phenomena (the outer planets appear in retrograde for different reasons) and therefore have an “omen” like quality. This is because things are happening (from the view of the ancients) that are contrary to the regular course of things. Venus, often associated with the goddess by ancient cultures, has several myths that could be easily seen as being allegories for Venus Retrograde – especially the journey of Inanna to the underworld. Some writers think that most of the myths of elder cultures come directly from observing the stars, or were created as explanations of the celestial phenomena.

The most interesting thing about Venus’ cycle is that it happens 5 times in 8 years. These stations, when marked on a zodiacal circle, produce a near perfect pentagram. Here’s a link to an excellent article on the subject By M.R. Meyer, a Humanistic astrologer of the Rudhyar school.

I could go on about the importance of this phenomena to personal charts, about the difference in quality between the eastern and western elongations (which account for the evening and morning star positions), the amazingly accurate predictive indications given by the Mayans (Bruce Scofield once had an article on the web about this – if I can find it I’ll link it up) and other matters, but I want to get on to talking about the map and the news.

On the 15th, when Venus stationed, it did so at the 24th degree of Gemini. This degree is important, because as planets pass over it in transit, it will activate indications relevant to the nature of Venus, and to the places marked by the four Venus lines on the map. It will also activate the Paran positions, which will be the subject of future discussions. Another important degree in this cycle is the point at which it will eventually turn direct. The space between the retrograde station and the direct station is called the “shadow” of Venus by some, because it represents the area of the zodiac where Venus is moving in its reverse direction. The direct station will occur at 8 Gemini (7:23 – Classical notation always uses the Ordinal Number) on the 28th of June, which will be covered when we get there. In other words, omens pertaining to this Station should have been noticeable since April 12th, when Venus first crossed this degree, but unless you live under an 8 Gemini Midheaven, or have a connection with that degree of the zodiac in your natal chart, you probably wouldn’t have noticed.

Everyone could do with a personal analysis of this Venus cycle, but it has to be done on the basis of your natal chart; general assumptions about any planetary cycle have more to do with rhetoric than astrology. As an example, a person who has a planet at the 14th degree of Gemini will experience three transits of Venus across that position during the period between April 12th and June 28th. This usually gives a “second chance”, a “delayed reaction” or multiple favorable results, according to the patterns and promises of the Radix under examination.

This star of Ishtar (Inanna/Venus) in the Louvre is typical – the 8 pointed star represented the 8 Solar Years in which Venus completes 5 retrograde cycles

Another effective way of studying the effects of planetary stations is to see which planets, whether natal or transiting, are positioned on the four angles of the chart cast for the local area. These four angles are known as the Ascendant, Midheaven, Descendant, and Lower Heaven.  Astral Maps do this automatically for the entire earth – in other words, where you see a Venus/MC line, it means that everyplace at that longitude would have Venus at the Midheaven. Let’s move on and look at news events that may be related to the Astral Map of this cosmic event.

There is a Venus MC line passing through the British Isles, Spain/Portugal and west Africa – the first news I spotted was news of the Dali Lama being given the Templeton Prize in London:  Link and interview here – A gift given to a messenger of peace for his work with reconciling science and religion…

Venus AS line crossing Uranus IC line – Myanmar: Link here – I suppose that the drug manufacturing is a “guilty pleasure” side of Venus…

Venus IC Line passing through New Zealand: Link here – Hope for expansion of industry into the world’s biggest market…

Venus DS line crossing Neptune MC line in California: Link here – Well, diverting funds to handle debt and budget shortfalls certainly fits the Venus/Neptune combination on a large scale – I didn’t bother to look for any news concerning wardrobe malfunctions or celebrity relationship issues – they don’t seem to need this kind of event in order to happen.

To briefly cover some of the other planetary lines: note the Uranus DS/Pluto IC crossing in central Europe – Voter revolts are taking central stage because of the EU “Austerity Measures” – also, the new French President’s plane was struck by lightning – both Uranus/Pluto events! This morning I received a report in which the famous physicist, Michio Kaku, is saying the cores in two of the Sendai Powerplant have “liquified” – With the Sun and Jupiter on the IC in Japan, this could be a sign of things getting much worse; the midpoint of Mercury and Jupiter is the degree opposite the last Supermoon, so there may be big news coming from Japan very shortly.


The Omens of May Part 2 – The Sun Has Something to Say…

This post is an addendum to the Omens of May regarding the “extreme” solar phenomena we’ve been experiencing recently…

Most of the lore regarding Solar Phenomena (excluding eclipses) comes to us through the observations of people living at polar and northern tropical latitudes. But before we explore them, we should take a brief look at what scientific studies have taught us about them.

The Aurora Borealis are the result of charged particles being active in the upper atmosphere, according to modern science. This charging comes from  CME’s (Coronal Mass Ejections), or from the Solar Wind delivering an extra burst of energy due to a flare or sunspot activity. Theodor Landschiedt, an astrologer, meteorologist and climatologist, believed that these Solar events, by charging and polarizing of the upper atmosphere, eventually reach our personal electromagnetic fields. Since these Solar phenomena are produced by the cycles of the planets, in his mind, this is how astrology works…

The ancients simply looked at the resulting atmospheric phenomena and made predictions on that basis. The Arctic peoples spoke of the Aurora, when highly active, as being spirits playing a game of football using a walrus skull. To Inuit shamans, a swishing sound that is heard along with the Auroral display was an omen of potential harm coming to the people. I have no specific lore from the Sami or other people who traveled the Arctic regarding their Shaman’s interpretations of these phenomena. The Crow people of the northern plains looked for images in them, as well as sounds, and predicted on that basis. Some native northerners saw them as doorways into another world; this may be the origin of the Bifrost, or the “rainbow bridge” of Norse mythology. Other people in more moderate latitudes regarded them as a sign of a time in which dreams became more predictive than usual – they used them to predict the weather as well.

Going back to the scientific view, many Solar phenomena are the result of the Sun’s relationship with the Barycenter (the true center) of the Solar System. It can’t be seen by the naked eye, but, about every 178 years, Jupiter and the other four gas giants align in a specific way that cause the Sun to retrograde!

The last important Barycenter event (although not a “Sun retrograde”) was January 2011. Landscheidt called these periods Major Instability Events. He considered them to indicate upheavals in the established order and structures of human society, and times during which new ones emerge. The current one is expected to last for 8.28 years, according to Michelsen’s research. These Instability Events sometimes correlate with major human migrations and extreme weather conditions, especially drought.

Jupiter will heliocentrically conjunct the Solar System Barycenter in August of 2013 – it’s last conjunction was in the Summer of 1998.  When Jupiter reaches the Barycenter, it often indicates a “phase shift” of the energetic quality of the last “Instability Event” – this shift shows a major change in the trends regarding the macro-economic, as well as the geopolitical activity of the world. It may be a good idea to watch what’s happening in the world of currency and financial exchanges during the next one, in that the macroeconomic state of the world is clearly in turbulence. This is not because we usually associate Jupiter with money, it’s because this is a Barycenter event involving the largest planet in the Solar System.

It’s difficult, however, to use these Solar and Barycenter events as major astrological indicators. The effects they produce are often overshadowed by other events, such as eclipses, ingresses, conjunctions and so forth which are more immediate, and take the foreground in our awareness.

For instance, in looking at the effect of these Solar Phenomena, it becomes easy to forget the fact that Neptune just entered Pisces. Neptune tends to cause a societal change of attitude toward something regarding the sign it enters – it tends to depict the kind of illusions that people must face up to and deal with. For instance, shortly after the final entry of Neptune into Aquarius (close to the time of the last Jupiter/Barycenter event), many of the people of the world experienced a shattering of their illusions about “fairness” and “democracy” – supposedly Aquarian traits – as the politics of most of the major players on the world scene shifted to conservative, theocratic, militaristic and plutocratic philosophies. Disasters concerning communication, weather and the air in general were the highlights of the transit (including the 9/11 disaster), and financial institutions, working on the basis of “free-market” idealism threw the world into economic chaos. We are now experiencing the shift of Neptune into Pisces, which is clearly marked by worldwide activity that is taking to task the concepts of economic colonialism and the benefit of the few at the cost of the many; both a dissolution of Piscean illusions – and it has only just begun. Woe be upon those who expect things to return to “business as usual”  under the force of the coming Uranus-Pluto square.

If we look at astrological omens as a multi-layered whole, we can see that the Instability Event that is in effect provides some background information concerning the more immediate astrological phenomena such as the Capricorn ingress of Pluto, the Aries ingress of Uranus and the Pisces ingress of Neptune, the Uranus-Pluto Square, Eclipses and so on. These events and others give us the details and timing that help us understand the major changes we can expect.

It may be best to focus on Solar events, such as the ones we are experiencing today, in terms of their effects on human consciousness at the individual and collective level. We could all point our awareness in the direction of how we can, through our own visionary and creative abilities, capture (and possibly utilize) the opportunities and challenges presented to us by the biospheric and geopolitical changes that are unfolding from day to day.

The Omens of May Part 1 – the Supermoon

This month brings a couple of important celestial omens, the Supermoon of the 5th – 6th and the Solar Eclipse of the 20th. The reason I call them Omens instead of just astrological events is simple. It’s because they are harbingers of things to come. While the Supermoon shows effects very close to the time of its occurrence,  an eclipse can presage events months or even years after the syzygy that defines it.

This Supermoon is an especially intense one – I’ve posted more than one article on facebook discussing how large it will appear. A Supermoon is a new or full Moon that occurs at or near its perigee, or closest approach to earth. There are several of these phenomena a year, and they usually coincide with extreme weather, seismic, geophysical and tidal activity. They also trigger situations of an extreme nature in politics or the economy; in other words, what one would normally expect from a lunation chart happens, but its like the Moon is on steroids!

Let’s take a look at the astral map of this Supermoon, to get an idea of where the planets fall at the time of the event.

May 6th Supermoon
This is the Astral Map of the May 5th-6th Supermoon

We’ll be discussing details that may be a little hard to spot, so remember that clicking the image will open a larger version.

The Uranus IC line is just to the west of Chicago, in fact, I just saw a local weather report showing wind and electrical storms gathering around the Uranus line and moving east from there; Venus’ Descendant line comes close to it just south of New Orleans, and there have been reports of flooding in Mississippi and Alabama. It’s clear that the Mercury-Saturn opposition will have a tremendous effect on the weather all along the eastern seaboard. Usually the prediction would be for colder than normal temperatures, but I think that severe storms are more likely, due to other conditions. Also look for more obstructionism and cover-ups from the US government as well; Mercury and Saturn may mean that there will be some bad news, but may also mean that not everyone gets to hear it. Considering the positions of Pluto and Venus, expect dirty tricks to gain popularity and advantage, now that we’re in a campaign year; maybe illegal contributions toward laws that favor of the plutocrats.

Things get really interesting in California, where Sacramento, the seat of government, falls in the midpoint of Mars and Neptune on the Midheaven Axis. This has the smell of a government dealing with a disaster, possibly of a toxic nature. Since these planets are also straddling the San Andreas fault, earthquakes are not out of the picture, but small ones are fairly common in this area. Mars/Neptune combinations sometimes suggest terrorism. Yet this Mars/Neptune opposition has another, and potentially more devastating crossing elsewhere in the world.

Tohoku Earthquake/Tsunami for Sendai, Japan

The Tohoku underwater earthquake occurred at 2:46 PM on March 11th 2011; it was so powerful that it is said to have shifted the axis of the earth by 4 to 6 cm. The tsunami that followed it crashed into the coastline near Sendai, Japan, doing untold damage. The next day the police estimated16,000 dead, 27,000 injured and over 3 thousand missing. On the 14th the bank of Japan offered 183 billion USD to help with the costs of the disaster, while the world bank estimated 235 billion: this is the most expensive disaster in history.

But what’s really important about it is that the earthquake/tsunami did serious damage to the reactors at the Fukushima-Daiichi Nuclear facility. Although the Japanese government claimed (in December, I think) that things were under control, the fact remains that the ground radiation is 18 times higher than that in Chernobyl, and the radiation from the plant has been found  as far east as Massachusetts in the US. As if that were not enough, reactor 4 was so badly damaged that the containment pool is hanging only by a thread, and if a minor earthquake causes any damage at all, and the pool leaks, the fuel rods will be exposed to the elements, causing untold damage, possibly to the entire northern hemisphere.

The water and soil in Tokyo is known to be radioactive now; people in northern Japan feel so hopeless about it, that they are doing things like burning radioactive garbage. The Ambassador has tried to bring this issue to the UN; it seems like there would be a worldwide effort to do something about it, but the government of Japan has said that the soonest they would be able to work on this damaged reactor would be 2014. Jumping back to Chernobyl for a minute, that reactor has a similar meltdown problem, but they have not received the funds to do anything about trying to encase the core in concrete, which may stave off a similar disaster.

If we look at the chart of the disaster, we see Saturn at 16 Libra, square to the degree of the previous eclipse, and Mars is square the position of the next one (at 12 Gemini). The Moon is at the 1st degree of Gemini, which is important for the Supermoon and the Eclipse coming up. The reason that The fact that both eclipses surrounding it were connected with the disaster chart emphasizes the ongoing nature of this problem.

Zooming in on the Astral Map and chart for the Supermoon, located at Sendai, Japan

Let’s catch up with the May Supermoon Chart for Sendai; here we see that Mars is just below the Horizon at 7 Virgo, opposite Neptune at 3 Pisces; the Ascendant is 5 Virgo, right in the midpoint of these two. Not only that, but the Midheaven of Sendai is at the degree of the upcoming eclipse of the 20th (and the degree of the Moon at the time of the disaster). Also note that the Mercury/Saturn opposition is away from the angles; if the facts are being held back from the world at large, it’s possible that they won’t be for long, because planets this far into the background tend to produce less noticeable effects in this kind of position.

It looks like the center of the Mars line is less than 70 miles from Sendai, while Neptune is less than 150 – this means that their range of influence overlaps, and is close to absolute. This is important, because it leads into the Eclipse Path study, the subject of the next post.

Although this man-made disaster is so tragic, there is a background factor in this Supermoon chart that I would like to explore. Notice that Venus is located at 23 Gemini. It also happens to be at extreme southern declination, almost 28 south. This means that Venus is “Out of Bounds.” This is a fairly new term used to describe planetary positions that are beyond the Sun’s path. To state it more accurately, the Sun’s path is from around 23 north to 23 south of the celestial equator, depending on the current “Obliquity of the Ecliptic”, which is the angle at which the poles of the earth are inclined to its orbital plane. This sounds very complicated, but it is how the Tropic of Capricorn and the Tropic of Cancer are determined. In other words, at the winter Solstice, the Sun’s declination is at it’s most extreme southern point – at the Tropic of Capricorn it appears to be directly above. The reverse is true at the summer Solstice and the Tropic of Cancer on the day of the Summer Solstice. The planets tend to spend most of their time within these two points of declination, but sometimes they venture beyond. When they do, they are sort of “on their own” and tend to act more powerfully than you would expect them to. Sorry, to those of you who know this phenomenon; the overly simplistic view of this is for the benefit of readers not familiar with the phenomena.

Looks like France may experience some post-election turbulence

I mentioned the longitude of Venus earlier because it is conjunct the star Capella. Now the problem is that while Venus is at 28 south, Capella is at 47 north; it would not even appear to be a conjunction to an observer. L. Edward Johndro dealt with this by demonstrating that such combinations would have an effect on areas where Capella transited directly above: i.e. places at a latitude of approximately 47 North. Geneva is such a city, as is Odessa, the major warm water port of the Ukraine, Quebec, Canada, and Olympia, Washington. Several major cities in France also share this latitude. Montreal, although over a degree south, is very close to both the Venus Descendant line, and the Mercury/Saturn meridian line. It’s likely that there will be important news from Canada during the fortnight – Olympia is right next to the Neptune/IC line. Like Odessa and Quebec, shipping and transport by water is important to Olympia.

Good sources on mundane influences of the fixed stars are hard to find, but George Noonan gave us a compelling hint regarding Capella. He suggests that it does not just inspire curiosity as in the natal chart, but can bring fearful information that causes the populace to reject or insult the ways of the “powers that be”; look for strong influences from countercultural or anti-government ideas. Venus being the instigator of this action does not suggest terrorist activity, but stories in the news and rumors are likely to abound under this influence.

The Greek people are tired of the EU-imposed austerity measures – maybe the Supermoon will give them some help!

Another point about this Supermoon – the Pluto/MC line runs so close to Paris, there can be little doubt that this refers to the transformation of the French government after the fall of Sarkozy. If, somehow, his people retain a strong influence in the government, there are likely to be upheavals among the population. If Hollande’s forces become the majority, his push toward nationalism and cultural hegemony are likely to cause upheavals among the population. Either way, news from France should be interesting, to say the least. News from Spain may also take an unusual turn, with Uranus on the ascendant through its heart.

As a final note, check out how the Supermoon and Jupiter lines straddle Athens, Greece. It seems that the people there are rebelling against the established “old guard” government and the EU austerity measures that are ripping them apart. check out this article from the New York Times: This is a sign of the positive results that can come about through these Supermoon indicators, even if it causes initial turmoil!

Universal Astrology – Geodetic Charts

This is the Geodetic event chart for the shooting of T. Martin on 26th February of 2012 at 6:57 PM

So I’m a little behind on this post, but I do want to move forward talking about the Geodetic Map. Again, this is intended as a beginner’s article on this subject. What I’m going to talk about today is Geodetic Charts – the permanent chart of a location, according to the “Theory of Geodetic Equivalents” as outlined by Sepharial.

We’ve already seen that everyplace on earth has a permanent Geodetic Midheaven, which is measured according to it’s Zodiacal distance from the beginning of the sign in which it falls. The degrees increase as one moves east from the place where the sign begins. Sometimes it’s easy to guess, because they are the reverse of longitude, for instance, Capricorn begins at 90 west, so 75 west would be the 15th degree of Capricorn – neither New York or Philadelphia are very far away. The Ascendant is calculated in the same way it would be calculated for any other chart, as are the house cusps. Of course, their positions will vary according to which house “system” you use, but even the ancient “whole sign” system works. Advanced students may want to try different systems and see what they come up with. I’m using Placidus for this demonstration because it’s the most common.

martin shooting - natural
This is the “natural” chart, or the one calculated for the true midheaven of the moment, rather than the Geodetic Chart.

The press and, indeed, the world has recently been shocked by the news story about the shooting of Trayvon Martin by George Zimmerman. This occurred in Sanford, Florida, where the Geodetic midheaven is at 8:44 Capricorn. This is a very interesting case because Pluto is very close to the Geodetic Midheaven of this town, at 9 Capricorn 5 minutes – less than 1/2

degree by Zodiacal measure. We do not have a birthtime for either the shooter or the victim at this time, so we are using their personal geodetic charts, cast for noon. In the “natural” chart of the area, as you can see, Mars had just peeked above the Ascendant (was rising) at the time of the shooting.

First, in the Geodetic chart, we see that a grand trine involving Jupiter, Mars and Pluto was active, due to Pluto’s conjunction with the midheaven. This could be a sign of victory or martyrdom, depending on the situation.  Two things we should remember is that the last Solar Eclipse before this tragic event occurred at the 3rd degree of Sagittarius on November 25 of 2011, and the next one will occur at the 1st degree of Gemini on the 20th of May.

Now, let’s move on to the connections between this geodetic chart and the individuals involved.

This is the Geodetic Natal Chart of G. Zimmerman.

First, in the chart of Zimmerman, we see that there is a Mars-Uranus square involving Jupiter, well within hard aspect to both the previous and next eclipse degrees. They are also closely connected with the Sun-Neptune conjunction in the event chart. This could imply a confusion about one’s authority (Sun-Neptune) and sudden over-use (or abuse) of force (Jupiter/Uranus square Mars). Pluto is also involved due to its trine to Zimmerman’s natal Mars, which is right on the cusp of the 6th house (accidents and misfortunes) of his Geodetic chart.  Also, Pluto is square to Zimmerman’s Sun in Libra, a sign of a power struggle, whether internal or external. His Mercury in Virgo is square Neptune in Sagittarius, which could be a sign of imagined or mistaken enemies – Mercury is in the 6th house of the Geodetic chart, which would be called Satru Bhava or house of enemies by practitioners of Indian Astrology.

I should also mention that Saturn in the event chart is on Zimmerman’s Pluto, a sign of being called on to be responsible for something, or having a responsibility turn into a burden. It’s also interesting that Mars will make a station (turn from retrograde to direct) right on the position of Zimmerman’s natal Mars on April 13th.

This is the Geodetic Natal Chart of T. Martin.

Now in the Geodetic chart of Martin, we see some different factors – the previous eclipse was conjunct Pluto in his Geodetic chart (sudden or catastrophic transformation, or generally extreme circumstances), which sits in the 8th house – often called the house of death. His natal square of Jupiter and Saturn (falling in the 8th and 12th houses of the Geodetic chart) form a T-square with transiting Mars in the event chart (being pushed to one’s limits, loss of vital resources, injury to one’s rights or prestige), who is located in the 6th house of the Geodetic event chart. He has a square between the Moon and a Uranus-Neptune conjunction that happens to be involved with Saturn (limitation to freedom, loss, exile, damage to his public image) in the event chart. Neptune and the Sun (confusion of authority figures, false power) in the event chart are square to Jupiter and Pluto (Ebertin called this “the destiny point”) in the 8th house of his natal Geodetic chart. A combination like this one is often seen when people suffer from shakedowns or con-games, or otherwise victimized financially; it seems that whatever went on, Martin payed the ultimate price.

 The way the story has been told in the news seems to bring up two facts; one, that the victim was unarmed, and showed no signs of having been in a fight. Recently an enhanced version of a video film showed welts on the back of Zimmerman’s head, but still, there should have been signs of a struggle that were far more prominent on the body of Martin.

The second fact was that despite numerous accounts of psychological instability on the part of the shooter, he was allowed to carry a gun and act as a self-appointed policeman. Of course, I do not know all the facts in this case, but it certainly is a sad testimony to the fact that those who make guns think the best way to end gun violence in America is to let everybody be able to buy them.

Next we’ll talk about less personal issues by way of Geodetic Equivalents – and study the incident at Chernobyl –



Universal Astrology – the Geodetic Map part 1

I’m not doing this series of posts by way of a historical timeline, because I’m trying to work from the simplest concepts to the most complex, and one of the simplest innovations in the field is Sepharial’s Geodetic map.

Geodetic Map
This version of Sepharial’s Geodetic Map only shows the meridian equivalents, or the midheavens around the earth. Click on this map for a larger view

This map is a fairly modern (very early 20th century) invention, and very easy to understand. It simply rings the zodiac around the equator, such that one sign equals 30 degrees of longitude. The way that it was established was to have the signs move from west to east, reflecting the direction of the Earth’s rotation. Aries begins at the Greenwich meridian, each sign follows, moving east. There are several Geodetic arrangements, and a lot of people see no reason why Greenwich should accord with Aries. I personally think that the establishment of longitude and latitude was no accident in that it works so well – similar discoveries or inventions are so useful that they underpin everyday life everywhere – like binary arithmetic, gears and levers… it’s not a system of trying to match the surface of the earth to the stars in an observational way, it’s a method of mapping the Zodiac to the earth. It stands the test of observation over time, and it works so well that it stands next to astro*carto*graphy as one of the most important modern innovations in astrology.

The signs are demarcated by meridians of longitude, and their 1st degrees (from 0 – 1; degrees are generally described as ordinal numbers – therefore 8 degrees and 2 minutes are part of the 9th degree) converge at the poles of the Earth. These lines represent the longitude of the midheaven in a geodetic equivalent chart. In every chart, the ascendant is the other main axis. This the degree of the Zodiac on the eastern horizon at any given place. This point would be exactly 90 degrees from the midheaven at certain latitudes, but not everywhere, hence, the curved lines on the chart.

The Geodetic Map is permanent, and gives us a pretty good idea as to how things work in different parts of the world. All you need is one copy; you don’t need to learn how to calculate charts to use this. Geodetic charts can be made for individuals; they describe the link between the person and the “big picture” in their local area – I have even used them to give preliminary readings, to rectify and test un-timed birthcharts, and as part of a complete locality consultation.

Now let’s start studying how these Geodetic meridians work:

Look at Brazil – it is mostly under Aquarius, while the rest of South America, central America and the Caribbean is in Capricorn – Brazilians speak Portuguese – the rest of the continent speaks Spanish. In North America, we find the East Coast under Capricorn, founded by religious zealots (wearing black, severe in temperament, hungry, judging witches etc.), indentured servants, and military officers who eventually refused to recognize themselves as a colony. Later we have the rags to riches themes so popular early in the last century, and the “go west young man” mentality that guided people to seek adventure and their fortunes west of the Mississippi, where we enter the Sagittarius zone. From here we get the cowboys and Indians (who are often depicted as firing arrows from horseback) – Sagittarius and Gemini are the only signs that depict weapons – a bow and arrow in the case of Sagittarius, and a boxer’s club held by one of the Gemini twins. In the far west, Sagittarius changes to Scorpio in central California, and anyone who’s been there is well aware of the cultural difference between the eastern and western parts of the state. The same holds true for Oregon and Washington.

Moving over to Asia, it’s plain that most of China and a large part of Russia are under Cancer, while India, Pakistan, the nation formerly known as Tibet, and others are under Gemini.  Then we come to what we call the middle east today – and here we find the major centers of the Russian federation, East Africa (which is very different from west Africa in culture, geography, flora and fauna, etc.) all under the sign Taurus. This area also includes Egypt and ancient Babylon, from which western civilization emerged; monuments to them still stand.

Now we’re in Europe proper and most of Africa, under the sign Aries. Notice how the line of Aries separates the area just east of London from Scotland and Ireland. We also find far western France, Spain and Portugal and the extreme western part of Africa in the Pisces Zone – again the geography and culture are different from those of their neighbors on the other side of the Geodetic line.

Now tomorrow, we’ll talk about the ascendant lines a bit and begin to look at astrological proofs of the validity of this map…