Scale of the Universe

Copy of Sombrero_smNo, this is not the solstice report yet. I just was sent a link to a really clever website that I couldn’t resist putting here, called The Scale of the Universe. It is built around a slider bar that takes you from “Quantum Foam” to “The Universe” and includes everything from neutrinos to the Hubble Deep Field. we have no way to measure how far this region of the Universe is now; we only know where it was 12.7 billion years ago. Although this is really a topic of interest for astronomers and astrophysicists, those of us who are concerned with meaning rather than measure should take this as an opportunity for meditation and contemplation. Plus, there is a nowhere-near unpleasant music loop behind the animated image on the site, and it has a link/button through which it can be translated into different languages – something I have to do for my site, I think.

So while you’re waiting for the Solstice Report and other articles related to (astrologically speaking) Saturn’s time of the year, spend a few minutes contemplating the range of what consciousness is capable of perceiving and understanding – in the physical world alone.