The Antikythera Mechanism Explored

The Antikythera Analyzed - courtesy PLOS One
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If you’ve read my post called Astral Complications, you should be familiar with the Antikythera Mechanism. When set alongside the Minoan Calendar Stone, a.k.a. the Disk of Kronos, Stonehenge and the Pyramid City of Giza, we have what I consider to be the most important artifacts of the ancient world; these objects belie the idea that ancient people were not as smart as us, because the atom bomb and global industry are modern inventions.

The purpose for this post is not to ramble on and on about it, but to introduce the best article I’ve read on the subject thus far – certainly the most scholarly one. You’ll find an exploration of its use for eclipse prediction here:

In the non-too-distant future, I’ll begin a series on the whole number ratios known since neolithic times, that helped ancient people construct both low-tech and hi-tech devices for measuring the movements of the planets with incredible accuracy. These essays will demonstrate an ancient understanding of the universe that is, in many ways, superior to the one we humans pat ourselves on the back for today.